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General submissions are accepted April 1 - July 31. Our Founders' Contest is open September 1 - October 31.

  • Submit 3-5 poems, no more than 5 pages total.
  • For full submission guidelines and FAQ visit rhinopoetry.org/submit.
  • Our general submissions reading period is April 1 - July 31 for poetry, poems in translation, and flash fiction (500 words max).
  • All general and contest submissions are considered for our Editors' Prize.
  • You may check and update the status of your submission at any time. To withdraw your work entirely, use the online submission system; to withdraw one or more individual poems, email editors@rhinopoetry.org.

    1. If you are submitting work for someone else, fill in your contact info and fill in the name of the person your are submitting for in the “writer name” field.
    2. Fill in the titles of the works you are submitting—no more than five. Separate titles with commas.
      • Use the browse button to find the file on your computer that you are submitting. Select the file and click on the button. Your file will then appear in the field. Put all work in one file, separating each title with a page break. Your file may be a PDF, .doc, or .docx.
      • Write your cover letter with a brief bio in the Comments field. We'd love to know how you heard about us, why your work is a good fit for RHINO, and anything else you wish to add. Click submit.

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